It’s officially one hundred days left until Empire of Storms, the fifth book in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas, will hit shelves. As of tomorrow the countdown will no longer be in triple digits!!!

To celebrate this milestone I thought we could discuss the things that just need to happen in Empire of Storms, because if they don’t I might just self combust.

Ok common sense here, but there will be spoilers in post this for the WHOLE of the Throne of Glass series, including Queen of Shadows. Read below at your own peril. You have been warned!

  1. What is going on between Dorian and Manon?

Seriously? WHAT IS GOING ON? Sarah was definitely hinting at something in Queen of Shadows when not only did Manon feel pity (PITY!!) for Dorian when he was possessed but also CAME BACK TO SEE HIM AT THE END! What could this mean? Is the Dorian/Aelin ship well and truly sunk? Can Manon actually love someone? How would a relationship between a temperamental witch with IRON TEETH and a healing King even work? Facetime maybe???

2. Is Rowan endgame?

Obviously we won’t know this until the end (thats why it’s endgame, duh) but this book could be quite telling as it’s the first ToG book published after ACOMAF, in which we see Rhysand (Feyre’s endgame companion (they are endgame, I will fight for this)) and they way he behaves towards Feyre.

People have already started picking away at Rowan’s character, both against and in favour of him as Aelin’s life long companion- but many comparisons have been drawn between the way he acts and the way Tamlin acted in ACOTAR. Could this be a clue as to what will happen in An Empire of Storms? Will Rowan be too overprotective? By the end of Empire of Storms we should have at least a little more insight into the way Aelin and Rowan fit together, and whether or not he is her true partner.

3. Lysandra/Aedion? 

Ok, so there is very little conversation between these two, but this could still be a thing, right? Both of them have had bad sexual experiences, being forced to use their bodies for information, power and wealth, and they have both essentially been owned by harsh masters who use them for their own gain. I would like a lot more interaction, some friendship perhaps, between these two in Empire of Storms.

4. Elide returns

So at the end of Queen of Shadows Elide has started walking. Who knows how long it will take her to get to Terrasen, she might not even show up in Empire of Storms. But I really want her to get back home, and to be reunited with the court. She can swap tales of hardship with the gang, and then find out Aelin is actually also the Celaena she needs to complete her task for Caltain, and we can all be happy families.

5. The thirteen need to swap sides

So they are pretty much of the edge anyway, as I see it. Manon has threatened Vernon, she has allowed Aelin to walk free (well Aelin saved her, but whatever), she even seems to have a vested interest in the new King of Adarlan but I want Manon to physically swap sides in this war, and to join Aelin and her squad to destroy Duke Perrington and his army. Mostly because I really want the next thing to also happen;


Let’s not beat around the bush, Manon and Aelin are the real OTP in this book series- their last meeting destroyed a whole temple, imagine what they could do on the same side of a war? Great things. Aelin and Manon swapping stories and tips for dismemberment is something I would pay well to read about, and I’m DYING for this to happen soon.

7. Sam??

So if Sam returns we can bet money on it either being a cliff hanger, or happening in the last book. Look we all know Sam is dead. But in a world of demons, soul sucking monsters, shapeshifters, fae, and iron teethed witches why can’t the dead come back to life? I don’t know how this would happen, if he would return for good or just as a ghost like Queen Elena did but we need closure on the Sam front. Please.

Thats pretty much all I really want to see happen in Empire of Storms. Well, other then watching Aelin and Lysandra use mattresses to surf down Terrasen’s places staircases like in Princess Diaries 2, but I digress.

What do you most want to happen in Empire of Storms?



10 thoughts on “100 DAYS TIL EMPIRE OF STORMS

  1. readingshark says:

    This is super creative! I haven’t seen anything like this before but maybe I’m not looking hard enough. Great post


  2. ChicNerdReads says:

    THIS WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!! *you can’t see me but I’m applauding you*

    Manon and Dorian? I think that can be a thing that I may ship. After what happened to Dorian, there might be a lot of change of character.

    I am team Rowan and I want them to work. I actually disagree with the comparisons made to Tamlin because I get Rhys feels with Rowan. (Btw, I will fight with you for Feysand because OMG that was the most beautiful thing I have ever read). Like I don’t think Rowan is this bad guy that people are making him to be.

    Lys and Aedion, I can see that working out slowly and gradually growing.

    Elide, I want her story so bad because I feel like she can be such a kick ass character.

    MANON AND AELIN ARE QUEENS!!!!!!! I NEED THIS TEAM UP! THEY’RE GOING TO F*CK SH!T UP! Especially is Dorian and Manon become a thing and you know Dorian and Aelin are like BFFs now so allies. yes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • cityoffiction says:

      Thanks!! I’m getting more and more excited for Empire of Storms every day! I think a possible Manon x Aelin scene is what I’m wanting most out of EoS (mostly because I’m still not even over their last meeting at all. I reread it all the time, it’s like my favourite scene).

      I definitely like Rowan, I never really had a ‘team’ to start with so I’m happy however this goes (I mean, obviously if something tragic happens to any of the potential love interests I’d be sad) but other then that I’m putting my faith in Sarah to sort things out and tie up any loose ends (especially whatever’s she’s started between Manon and Dorian which like no one ever even talks about! So confusing!)

      Liked by 1 person

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