Things I’m Excited About

Ok so a few things have happened in the past few days that have made me awfully excited, and I thought I would share them with you all.

First I got an email from the people at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to say my tickets are on the way! I’m going to see it on June 22, which is more then a month BEFORE the book comes out AND I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF. This is a very good thing. I will be doing a full non-spoiler review of the play (which will be the same as the book, as the book is the rehearsal edition and this is a rehearsal for the play’s opening on July¬†31st) here on my blog after I’ve seen it!

Then yesterday I found out Sarah J Maas is coming to the UK this October. Dates and tickets are not yet up, but will be on June 15th! I missed Sarah the last time she was in the UK so this is really exciting.

Also I found out today that you can pre-order signed editions of Empire of Storms (UK Paperback edition) from Waterstones right now, so I’ve now canceled my amazon pre-order (yes, I know it’s not till September, but I like to be prepared (ALSO its Sarah J Maas, what if they run out (also I’m not being THAT paranoid, it has happened to me before and I nearly died then so))).

And if you happen to be around London on Monday night, June 6th, and have nothing to do then why not go to Waterstone’s Picadilly where they’ll be hosting This is Who I Am, a panel YA book discussion with Sarah Crossan, author of The One, Harriet Reuter Harpgood, author of The Square Root of Summer, Leila Sales, author of Tonight the Streets are Ours and…

Sarah Manning, author of London Belongs to Us, and my childhood favourite Guitar Girl.

This panel will be traveling around the country, without Manning and Crossan but picking up other amazing authors at each stop.


Definitely check it out if you can go, and let me know how it was. I’ll be attending the Waterstones Piccadily stop on Monday!

This was a weird ramble-y post, so I apologise for that.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!



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