Empire of Storms Countdown: 17 Days to Go!

Books of Wonder in New York have already shared videos on snapchat of the books arriving in their thousands at the shop, ready for Maas to sign. I have to say, I’m almost glad I’m not in New York right now, I don’t know if I could be responsible for my actions if I knew I was in the same city as THE PRINTED FINISHED BOOK.

But in all likelihood I am in the same city as the finished book. I mean I’m in London, the home of Bloomsbury (who are publishing all of Maas’ books) so it’s pretty certain that as I write this EoS is out there somewhere, thousands of copies not being read, just waiting for September 6th.

That’s another thing, September 6th is the release date. It’s been pushed back a day! Why? Maybe Tuesday is a better release day for figures? This has kind of thrown of my whole countdown, and now I only have a day to read it before I go back to work (I think I can manage however, but I wanted to have a day to truly let it sink in).

I even went a little insane and pre-ordered a copy from Amazon, knowing it would arrive the day of release if not before, and a signed copy from Waterstones (which I have been warned will take at LEAST 4 days to arrive, because I didn’t want to pay the £7.99 for next day delivery).

I haven’t been this excited about a book release in a LONG time (not even Cursed Child did this to me (though perhaps because I had already seen the play)) and I just can’t wait!

You can read about the things I want to happen in EoS HERE.

If you’ve gotten this far through this ramble-y mess of a post, then congratulations!

On a side note Maas has just finished writing the currently unnamed A Court of Thorns and Rose #3, and will now begin the editing process, which is also very exciting. How long do you think it will be? I’m putting bets on somewhere around the 750 page mark, seeing as it’s not the last in the series anymore (or is it? We know so little about what the extra books in the series will entail). This post should just be called the Sarah J Maas update and fangirl session. Sarah, I love you!

PSA: Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be uploading loads of my old reviews to this blog. It may look like I’m being productive and reading lots, but I’m probably not (knowing me).

I wrote this whole post intending to publish back when it was 20 days to go, so sorry for any inconsistencies. I’ve been debating whether or not to publish this post, seeing as I was majorly tired and over excited when I wrote it, but hey, life’s short!



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