Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard!

Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard, has been a massive success. Lots of my friends love it. It’s a bestseller. There must be some reason for this, but I can’t quite work out what it is.

It follows the story of Mare, a red. In this dystopian fantasy there are two races of people, the reds and the silvers, defined by the colour their blood runs. The silvers, who have all sorts of special powers, rule over the reds. Mare, like all reds on their 18th birthday’s, is about to be conscripted to the army to fight a war against the ‘lakelanders’, a neighbouring nation, just as three of her brothers were before her. Then she manages to get a job at the silver palace, saving her from the war. There she manages to shock the silvers with the fact she, a lowly red, can wield lightning abilities.

There are two guys as well. Well, maybe three. Most of my problems come from how predictable this book was. It wasn’t an boring read, nor a badly written book. It was enjoyable enough, but utterly predictable. Until the end. But even that couldn’t redeem it for me. The back of the book says ‘fans of divergent, the hunger games and graceling will love this’ and it was literally like a mash-up of these books. It has unique elements, like the idea of a dystopian book in which human kind has actually regressed with technology because of a nuclear war, but these background points, which I actually found rather interesting, were glossed over.

And the romance was so unnecessary to me, I just wanted to ignore that it was even happening. I would have preferred strong friendships, which would have sufficed for the plot if you ask me.


Overall, I’m giving it 3 ice creams. I definitely enjoyed elements of this book, but others were very much the norm for YA books; the love triangle, the sacrifice, the face of the rebellion. It was all a little much for me. Maybe 5 years ago when I had just finished the Hunger Games, not now when I have become jaded at the amount of YA dystopian that follow the same paths. Give it a try, a lot of people obviously love this book series. I’m not sure that I am curious enough to continue on to Glass Sword, only time will tell.


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