Review: Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas!

This review is from August 2015. I have left it unchanged from it’s original form, even though I wasn’t the best at writing reviews then (really though, I’m still not the best). Either way, ignore my teenage enthusiasm.

Ok so I finished Crown of Midnight yesterday and have been thinking about what to say about it since. There is so little that I can say without any spoilers, which I don’t really want to write about. One thing I can say safely is that if you have read Throne of Glass and where feeling a bit ‘meh’ (which is weird because Throne of Glass was great) then you NEED to get your hands on this and read it, by any means possible.

This book picks up from where Throne of Glass left off, Celaena is the Kings assassin and doing his evil bidding whilst quietly cursing him, etc. She is shocked to hear that one of the men the king wants dead is an old friend, who she thinks is harmless; the plot unravels with deception, spying and underground movements galore.

17167166.jpgI said in my last review, I think, that I didn’t feel that close to the characters. Everything has changed now, these characters are becoming so entwined and emotions are so high that I would be so hurt if anything happened to anyone at this point. The story shifts perspective, staying in third person but following either Celaena, Chaol or Dorian, which really allows a greater bond between us and the characters and adding to the feeling of frustration when they won’t just CONFIDE IN EACH OTHER because that would make everything so much easier.

Somethings in the story I could definitely see coming, but others threw me off guard so much- and even though I am sad (and believe me, I am sad), I can also see why it had to happen because if it had been that predictable the story would have been quite boring and stagnant. Maas really caught me unawares and made me realise how much emotion these characters could draw from me, a lot it turns out.

This book is like a 4.7, if such a thing exists. I loved it, though it had me re-evaluating my life and priorities. Celaena remains the strongest female protagonist I’ve ever encountered, but her weaknesses help her grow as a character in this book making her much more of a three dimensional character, and not just a pretty awesome assassin.

As for teams, I am still undecided (I feel that Celaena is doing fine on her own) but I will admit a weakness for Dorian.

Bottom line- I can see why this series is so immensely popular, with a series that doesn’t belittle a physically strong female protagonist to suddenly become needy for her male hero counterpart. Celaena’s independence and the men in her life’s willingness to accept that is a blessing in book form, and I thank Maas greatly for it. If you haven’t read Throne of Glass, I highly suggest you do.


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