Review: Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas!

Ack, it’s another one of those old reviews that it now hurts to read. I can’t erase the past though, and this is legitimately what I felt about Heir of Fire when I finished reading it. This is a non spoiler review.

I’m going to start with Manon, who I have to say I wasn’t too enamoured with for the majority of this book. I found her parts quite difficult to read- not because of quality or lack of an interesting plot but just because I wanted to be back with Celaena constantly. I know that it is incredibly difficult for an author to write from multiple POVs and for readers not to prefer one to another. Manon is going to have a big role in the coming books, I can feel it, but like with so many other of Maas’ plot lines I actually can’t see what part she will be playing yet- I don’t even want to guess as to which side she will be on.

And then on to the Celaena story, as she progresses and trains with Rowan, a stoic fairy warrior, and accepts herself. We find out a whole lot more about the rebel movements, and Celaena’s family- both surviving and non. By the end of this book a lot of questions where answered, especially about her past (which thank god, I’ve been waiting for like 700 pages for that information) but a whole lot more have been asked as well.
I don’t do spoilers in my reviews, and that makes this one especially hard as the whole book is so filled to the brim of action.

I will say this though on the subject of ‘teams’, I truly believe that after this novel the idea of teams has lost its merit for me, I will trust any decision Celaena makes about who she wants to end up with (if she chooses to end up with anyone at all). As someone who has had to catch up with the rest of the world on reading this series from the way fans talk about the ‘teams’ I had always imagined a twilight style love triangle. That could not be further from the case. Here we have an amazingly strong, well rounded and well written young female protagonist and yet we belittle her constantly by not trusting her judgement about men, or by even believing this story has anything to do with love. It’s about so much more.

In conclusion, Sarah J Maas continues to astound me with the quality of her writing and her much emotion she can draw from me. Once again I must STRONGLY recommend this series to anyone, anywhere- its just so good.

I am so excited to pick up Queen of Shadows on September 1st (and also have time to read other books that I have completely neglected on this Throne of Glass marathon) and read A Court Of Thorn and Roses. The Throne of Glass series now holds a prized position on my bookshelf besides the Mortal instruments and Harry Potter, and that sums my love for this series up quite well.

I’m giving this 5 ice creams!

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 20.59.36


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