Review: Paper Princess by Erin Watt!

At the start of November I was a little depressed. Something happened. It was all over the news- I’m sure you heard about it. Anyway, I was looking for something light hearted and completely mindless to read, and I’ve been eyeing up this series for a while- and then it wasn’t all that expensive on Kindle so I brought it. And read it. All in under 3 hours.

Paper Princess is basically a rom-com in book form. It follows Ella Harper who is struggling to make ends meet after her mother dies and leaves her alone at 17. Ella, who already has a day job and is a full time high school student turns to stripping for extra cash. Even though it leaves her exhausted Ella is determined to get through school on her own steam.

28678119.jpgAnd then Callum Royal shows up claiming to have known her father- and he knows that she is alone.

He’s come to take her back to his home, and back to his five sons.

Chaos ensues. And that’s putting it mildly.

Obviously all the boys are WAY hot, all in ‘different’ ways, but theres that one guy that stand out above the rest.

I liked the way Paper Princess didn’t pretend to be anything other then a cliche, slightly Pretty Woman, inspired romance. It was easy to read, the characters had clear defining qualities and I never felt lost or disliked anything all that much. I did find myself cringing a little, but I do that whenever I pick up a strictly romantic book (especially when its new adult. I think the shirtless guys on the cover of books MUST work for some people, but I find it a lot harder to ever pick a book which has a weirdly sexual cover, can we not just stick to simple writing over sunsets or something!?)

There were some elements I wasn’t too happy about, which I haven’t seen anyone discuss in goodreads reviews. Minor spoilers ahead! Because of her past the brothers all assume Ella is a ‘slut’ and treat her horribly because of it. They all seem to believe she is sleeping with their father, and is some kind of gold-digging orphan no matter how much she tries to convince them otherwise. The rumour even spreads around school, and Ella is treated pretty horribly for it, making her a social pariah.

Only when she turns out to be a virgin is this plot line solved. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if she hadn’t been a virgin, would she always have been called a slut by the brothers? And they seem to sleep around a LOT, but we as readers are expected to think this just makes them more desirable? They also aren’t too complimentary about some of the girls they sleep with, which makes this ‘slut shaming’ debacle even more uncomfortable. Plus they are all in high school, which is also slightly odd.

I just wish they had all seen the error of their ways, instead of the ‘problem’ being solved by Ella being ‘pure’. Maybe that will still happen, there is two more books, so I can always hold out hope.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 19.54.55

Because of the above mentioned slut shaming, I can only give this book a 3.5 ice creams. It was definitely a quick and easy read though, and I did enjoy elements of it. I am even planning on picking up the second in the series, because I’m pretty behind on my goodreads challenge and I have 20-something days left….!


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