Book News Round-Up! August 3rd

Hey guys! I’m starting a new series called Book News Round up- a digest of everything you need to know about YA book news from the last couple of weeks. This new series will be updated fortnightly on fridays, and will allow you to catch up with all the latest gossip without the pressure of trawling through twitter feeds and tumblr posts!

Kingdom of Ash gets a cover reveal- plus find out where to buy those special edition copies!


Kingdom of Ash is the sixth (or possibly seventh book, if like Bloomsbury you are counting the Chaol novel) of the Throne of Glass series- and the last *cries*. How will it end? I’m actually legit scared- I really would be upset if Dorian, Manon and Elide don’t make it out the other side- the other characters I don’t care so much- but don’t touch my children SJM.

Along with any SJM release in recent memory come a plethora of special editions promising extra content, fan art, maps and posters- and Kingdom of Ash is no exception. To find out all the special editions that will be released and where to find them click here.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before movie releases on Netflix on August 17th



Bardugo confirms Grisham spin-off series will include fan favourite character Nina Zenik!


Amazing art by Merwild!

Yes, you’ve read that right, our favourite heartrender will make a comeback in the upcoming Grisha spin-off series, King of Scars, which will follow Nikolai Lantsov in some post Grisha-series shenanigans.

Nina was herself a character in a separate Grisha series spin-off duology, Six of Crows, which followed six very different individuals as they pulled off the heist of a lifetime- think Ocean’s Eleven but with magic. If you’ve read the Six of Crows books but missed out on the Grisha trilogy I highly recommend picking that up before King of Scars is released- and you have plenty of time as it ins’t out until Jan 2019.

If you are completely new to all of the Bardugo Grisha-verse books the best way to start reading them is to start with the Grisha books- Shadow and Bone being the first in the series- and then read the Six of Crows books after that.

Find out everything we know about Queen of Air and Darkness so far!


You’ll be happy to hear we have only 123 days to go before Queen of Air and Darkness is released on December 4th. Simon teen have released a helpful round up of all the snippets, teasers and other info that has been released so far about Queen of Air and Darkness, which you can read here!

Authors on Tour!

Marie Lu’s Wildcard Tour-

Marie Lu is on tour in September in the US to promote the release of Wildcard! She is visiting ME, TX, NE, OK, WA, AK, HI- visit the Penguin Teen website here to find dates and buy tickets.

Sarah J Maas Kingdom of Ash on Tour-

Sarah J Maas is on tour in October to promote the release of Kingdom of Ash. This tour is a lot smaller then her past tours due to the very recent birth of her first child, so don’t be too sad if she isn’t visiting near you. She is visiting Texas, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles- visit the World of SJM website here to view dates and buy tickets.

Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli visit London in October!

Adam and Becky are promoting their release What if it’s us and will be in conversation with Simon James Wood on October 23rd. Book your tickets here on waterstones.