Reader Vocab: The Spoiler Zone


It occurred to me today, 140 pages in to Daughter of Smoke and Bone, that right front and centreĀ on the cover is a glaring spoiler. I hadn’t noticed it before because it hadn’t meant anything to me, to pre-reading DoSaB-Katie it was just a tagline and would quickly be discussed in book. 140 pages (1/4 ish) of the way in and it hasn’t yet shown any sign of being mentioned or explained, and now I am spoiled. Sigh.

I would define spoiler as

Spoiler- a piece of information which gives away important plotlineĀ information about a form or media, i.e. a book or movie. This can be overheard physically, or read online.

E.g. Person 1: Did you hear that Jesus comes back to life after three days?

Person 2: What?! I’m not at that point yet! God, give a spoiler warning before saying things like that!

And a Spoiler Zone, a phrase I am making up myself to fill what is obviously a glaring void in our vocabulary, as-

Spoiler Zone- the period of time after you start consuming a form of media (i.e. a book or TV show) but haven’t yet finished it.

This is the period of time you are most likely to be spoiled. Before this point, before you even started watching friends, for example, you didn’t care that Ross and Rachel broke up because you didn’t know who Ross and Rachel are.

But you can bet after you start reading that book spoilers you’ve never even seen before will start flying out at you from all over, so the best way to combat it is to FINISH THAT BOOK before the spoiling can take place.

(But seriously, what kind of person puts an ACTUAL SPOILER on the front of a book? In my reviews I consider anything in the synopsis and up to 20% in fair game, but I am like 25% through now and there has BEEN NO MENTION OF THIS!)

This post is such a mess, but there you go! There’s a lot of phrases I use to explain my reading, and I’ve never written about them before, so I figured I should start explaining them. Also I’m annoyed about that spoiler!