November and December Wrap Up!

So I went to write a year in review post, and realised I haven’t even written an November or December wrap up, so here we go!

I did manage to just about finish my goodreads challenge of 50 books this year, but you can probably tell from all the romance novels in this list that I took to some quick reads to make that happen!

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September and October Wrap Up!

Yes, its the end of November. Don’t judge me.

Let’s start with;


Ahhh. The month of Empire of Storms.

Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas


I had a lot of fun with Empire of Storms, even though I locked myself in my room for two days reading frantically and avoiding social media because I was sure I’d be spoiled (even though months later I have yet to see a spoiler. Well done tumblr!) The next time a Sarah J Maas book comes out I have to refrain from doing this, it definitely takes away some of the enjoyment, and makes into a bit of a chore. Also, you miss the details.

Oh well, the details are for rereads, or in my case audio rereads. After a book I really loved is released I will listen to scenes over and over in audio, which definitely helps understanding all the small plot lines and all the sneaky foreshadowing Sarah throws in.

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